"I’m Maryann Vazquez, running as an Independent Democrat for DuPage County Board District 2."


Community Centered Leadership

It has been my goal to engage all community members and ensure we are giving everyone a voice in local government. My name is Maryann Vazquez and I am running for County Board District 2.


Community-Centered Leadership is about talking to your neighbors, listening to their stories, and understanding how each of us can play a role in supporting one another.  It was born out of my run for Downers Grove Township Supervisor. A friend had called to cheer me up about my loss, and was surprised when my response was, “I am only getting started.”


Speaking with constituents I discovered their major concerns were Mental Health, Elder Care and Public Transit. As I began to research these issues an amazing thing started to happen, I was engaging a youthful, motivated, and diverse group of volunteers. They were becoming interested in local government. That is so important to the future of this county and country.


Over the course of my work career, I have worked in business-to-business sales representing small manufacturers for large-scale installation projects throughout the country. I have also been in retail management and corporate sales. I understand the needs of small businesses and large corporations. 


As a Marketing Manager on-board a cruise ship, I worked with business leaders in many countries. It was my job to show them how to increase sales and grow loyalty with passengers. I developed long-lasting professional relationships with total strangers - I can work with anyone and find common ground.


As a DuPage County Board Member, I'll look to continue to build meaningful relationships with colleagues, constituents, and the community - because we all do better when we work together.


June 28th, show your support for my grassroots campaign and Vote Maryann Vazquez for DuPage County Board District 2!


Born and raised in Chicago, Maryann displayed a passion for public service from a young age which she has honed her entire life.

Witnessing her father sworn in as the first Puerto Rican Judge appointed to the IL courts instilled a sense of duty in Maryann. When other kids were out playing, a young and hungry Maryann was out knocking doors.  

While in school, earning her degree in Urban and Community Studies at Winona State University, Maryann still found ways to improve her community by organizing students as an active member of Student Government. 

She continues to balance working, spending time with her daughter and grandchildren, and her activism.

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Notable Experiences
  • Urban and Community Studies: Community Organizing, Winona State University (WSU),  Bachelor of Arts Degree

  •  Executive Committee Member, DuPage Democrats (DPDC) 2018 to present

  •   Executive Committee Member, Downers Grove Township Democrats (DGTDO) 2017 to present

  •  6th Congressional Team Leader: Pete Buttigieg for America

  •  Candidate: Downers Grove Township Supervisor

  •  Campaign Manager: Joanna for District 99

  •  Canvasser: Obama, Hillary, and Buttigieg in Iowa, Wisconsin

  •  Volunteer: Casten for Congress, JB Pritzker, Patrick Watson, & More

  •  Precinct Cluster Leader:  Downers Grove Township Democratic Township Organization

  • Member of The Downers Grove Township Integrity Project 

  • Member of The Downers Grove Progressive Women